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Given the consistent sales growth from year 1 to year 3, it is not surprising that salaries and the marketing expenses of the company have also risen as personnel and marketing spend generally supports sales growth. However these expenses, at the first glance, don’t seem to be significant enough to account for the large fall in net income in year 3. In ABC Company’s case, we can clearly see that costs are a big reason profits are declining despite the company’s robust sales growth. What we don’t know, and what we can’t know from the, is why that is happening. Another powerful application of a vertical analysis is to compare two or more companies of different sizes. It can be hard to compare the balance sheet of a $1 billion company with that of a $100 billion company.

The company’s explanation for the store closings unraveled over the subsequent two years. In January, Kehoe ultimately acknowledged that perhaps Walgreens had “cried too much” about organized retail crime. But when compared with other areas of Manhattan where stores are set to remain open, East Harlem hardly registers on a heat map of retail-crime reports. But publicly available crime stats do not appear to support the company’s claim that incidents of nonviolent shoplifting or violent robberies are trending up. The data does not indicate that closing stores are in areas hit harder by shoplifting than nearby stores the company plans to keep open.

Example of Vertical Analysis of an Income Statement

For example, the current period’s profits may appear excellent when only compared with those of the previous quarter but are actually quite poor if compared to the results for the same quarter in the preceding year. Financial statements show the absolute values of an organization’s assets, liabilities, revenues, costs, and profit or loss. However, they do not directly offer the company’s earning capability, liquidity, or financial stability, which makes them difficult for users to read. We can discern through vertical analysis that the main problem area vis-à-vis the decline in net income in year 3 is the cost of goods sold. This rose sharply to 52% of sales in year 3 (from 41% and 44% in year 2 and year 1 respectively).

Let us assume that variable expenses on year 1, 2, and 3 were $151, $147, and $142 respectively. Analysts are often concerned with a business’s performance over time and as a result, have a need to perform analysis over a period of time. The following example shows ABC Company’s income statement over a three-year period. Because we entered our costs and expenses as negatives, i.e. to reflect that those items are cash outflows, we must place a negative sign in front when applicable, so that the percentage shown is a positive figure. The drugstore chain Walgreens made headlines when it cited organized retail crime as the reason it had to close five San Francisco stores in October 2021.

SaaS Profit and Loss Statement

The shareholder’s funds, as seen in the common-size balance sheet, are 53.33% of total funds for Y Ltd. whereas, in the case of X Ltd. is 50% only. Like the short-term financial position, the financial position in the long term of Y Ltd. is also better when compared to X Ltd. On the other hand, the current liabilities of X Ltd. are 16.67% of total funds, while the current assets are 33.33% of these funds. It may also be used to discover business processes with unusually high costs or returns and then utilize that information to make judgments regarding your company’s future course. For example, over the years, it has been established that the cost of raw materials for an organization is 35-40% of the revenue from operations; an increase in this percentage range will need immediate attention. In this FAQ we will discuss what vertical analysis is, how it relates to horizontal analysis, and provide a simple example of how to apply it.

  • The figure below shows the common-size calculations on the comparative income statements and comparative balance sheets for Mistborn Trading.
  • Horizontal analysis looks at certain line items, ratios, or factors over several periods to determine the extent of changes and their trends.
  • Armed with the knowledge and understanding gained from this guide, you can confidently apply vertical analysis in your financial analysis endeavors.
  • The first step of vertical analysis is to make a new income statement, such as the common size income statement stated below.
  • For example, some minor adjustments could be to remove the “Revenue (% Revenue)” line item since it is not necessary and offers no practical insights.

For instance, if a most recent year amount was three times as large as the base year, the most recent year will be presented as 300. If the previous year’s amount was twice the amount of the base year, it will be presented as 200. Seeing the horizontal analysis of every item allows you to more easily see the trends. It will be easy to detect that over the years the cost of goods sold has been increasing at a faster pace than the company’s net sales.

Importance of Vertical Analysis in Financial Analysis

It enables businesses to gain quick insights into historical performance by comparing current values to previous periods. You can then get a summary of how the business is operating and performing over time. The purpose of What Is Accounting For Startups And Why Is It Important? is to provide insights into the distribution and significance of various components within a financial statement. In order to use the vertical analysis equation, you need to figure out your base figure.

If the cost of goods sold amount is $780,000 it will be presented as 78% ($780,000 divided by sales of $1,000,000). If interest expense is $50,000 it will be presented as 5% ($50,000 divided by $1,000,000). The restated amounts result in a common-size income statement, since it can be compared to the income statement of a competitor of any size or to the industry’s percentages. To perform a horizontal analysis, you must first gather financial information of a single entity across periods of time.

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